Related Products

Enhancing Flexmls Web are the following related products:

Flexmls Forms

flexmls Forms are integrated into flexmls Web to make getting your contracts signed easier.  From listing agreements to purchase contracts, the features of the flexmls Forms system include Docusign integration, auto-population, office branding, clause editor, transaction folders, email forms, short entry forms, and more.

Flexmls Tax

FBS’s GIS and data conversion team will work directly with the county or counties in your local area to procure assessor, sale, and GIS/parcel data for integration into the flexmls Web system.  The flexmls Tax module includes auto-population into listings, geo-coding and address validation, search and  mailing labels. FBS updates the public records data as often as the County provides, which typically is monthly or quarterly.

Flexmls Showing Manager

FBS’s Showing Manager integrates directly into the flexmls Web messaging and calendar system to help your members schedule showings. Having the showing management integrated in the MLS system for all members makes adoption easier and more comprehensive. Here’s a video overview of the Showing Manager function.

Flexmls Billing

flexmls Billing automates MLS dues billing and payment with invoice management, credit  card processing, and detailed reporting.  Non-payers are automatically deactivated in the MLS system according to MLS business rules.

Flexmls Photo, Outlook Sync and PC

Flexmls Photo allows you to batch upload photos.  Flexmls Outlook Sync allows you to synchronize contacts between Flexmls Web and Microsoft Outlook. flexmls PC is a Windows program that allows you to download MLS data to your computer to access off-line.

Flexmls Books

Power goes out, Internet goes down, computers fail — the MLS book is easy and reliable.   FBS can print very low volumes cost effectively and deliver them the next day.  Comparable books provide an excellent archive resource.