Coming 12/19/17: Flexmls System: Contact Activity Tracking

Dec 5, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

Soon your Contact Management screen will serve as a convenient central hub for viewing Contact Activity, allowing you to see your most active contacts with a quick glance–no more digging through email notifications to try to determine which clients are viewing the listings you send them. The new Contact Activity tracking keeps all of your contact’s activity in one place, and a single glance at the activity graphs lets you quickly assess which clients are active or inactive and prioritize your followups more efficiently.

Whether you are using Flexmls Web, Flexmls Pro Mobile Web, or the Flexmls Pro app, you’ll be able to easily identify the contacts you may need to connect with. A Contact Activity bar will indicate which contacts have been the most active in the past seven days, and looking at a contact’s details lets you see their activity over the last 30 days and drill down to see listings that they have viewed, listings they’ve shared with others, and their email activity for subscription and manual emails. Portal activity is also included in Contact Activity, so if your contact relies on the Portal to view listings, you’ll know that they are actively looking at listings with the portal that you provided for them.


Contact Activity tracking will be available on December 19.

The Contact Activity tracking will be available for all users on Flexmls Web, Flexmls Pro Mobile Web, and Flexmls Pro for iOS. This feature will also be available for the upcoming version of Flexmls Pro for Android.

Contact Activity indicates which contacts are actively viewing and sharing listings. Whether they are looking at listings that you’ve manually emailed to them, looking at listings from subscription emails, or using the portal to view listings, you’ll be able to see what they are up to. When viewing all of your contacts, a quick glance will show you which ones have been the most active recently and if you click to view a contact’s details, you’ll be able to drill down and see what kind of activity they’ve been up to.

Contact Management
When you go to Contact Management in Flexmls Web, you’ll see a column for Activity (Last 7 Days). This column immediately allows you to see which contacts have been viewing and sharing listings within the past seven days. The more listings they are viewing and sharing, the bigger the Activity bar. You can click on the Activity (Last 7 Days) column to sort your contacts by Activity and see the most active contacts at the top of the screen. Please note, the Activity bar updates nightly for each contact.

The past seven days’ worth of activity is also available on the Contacts screen in Flexmls Pro Mobile Web, Flexmls Pro for iOS, and the upcoming version of Flexmls Pro for Android. Tap the sort option at the top to sort by Most Active, Least Active, First Name or Last Name.

Contact Detail
When you select a specific contact in Contact Management, a new Activity tab is available. The graph at the top, shows you a visual representation of the contact’s activity over the past 30 days. A quick look shows you what days the contact was the most active. Additionally, there are expandable sections that allow you to see which listings they’ve viewed, which listings they’ve shared, and how many times they’ve clicked on an email link to view listings.

The same information is available when viewing a contact’s details in Flexmls Pro Mobile Web, Flexmls Pro for iOS, and the upcoming version of Flexmls Pro for Android.

Each section below the Activity Over The Last 30 Days graph is expandable.

Viewed Listings – This section displays listings that the client has viewed, whether they clicked on a link in an email sent via Flexmls or viewed the listing in their portal. The number to the right indicates how many times they have clicked to view the listing. You can click a listing to view its full details.

Shared Listings – This section displays listings your client has shared. Every time the client is viewing a listing and clicks the option to share the listing, it will display in this section. You can click a listing to view its full details.

Email Activity – This section provides summary information for how many emails have been sent to the client hand how many times they have clicked the link in the email to view the listings. It is broken down by the number of Subscription Emails Sent, the number of Subscription Emails Clicked, the number of Manual Emails Sent, and the Number of Manual Emails clicked. If you’d like to view the specific listings that have been sent and how many times those emailed listing links have been clicked, use the Menu to go to My Sent Emails and then choose to view either Manual or Subscription Emails..

We know that your interactions with your clients help lay the foundation for a productive relationship with them. We want to make sure you maximize the time you spend with them, so we’re taking the tools that you already use – tools like Portals, Subscriptions, and Emails – and making them work more effectively and efficiently for you.

Using these tools alone is good, but they are even more powerful when used together as they provide more opportunities to interact with and understand your clients. Contact Activity keeps track of all of their activity in one place and lets you see it with a quick look at the Contact Management screen so you can immediately see the results of all of the Flexmls tools you use to communicate with them. You won’t need to dig through email notifications to see who opened up emails, and you won’t have to wonder which clients are actively looking at listings using the Portal; instead, that information is easy to see and readily available, letting you prioritize and plan your next moves.