flexmls Web SSO

MLSs: Please complete and return to FBS the following documents if you would like us to set up SSO with a particular vendor for your MLS.

SAML Service Provider Integration with flexmls Web

This documentation is intended for software vendors that wish to use flexmls as an Identity Provider (IdP) to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) relationship with flexmls Web members.

SAML Basics

SAML 2.0 is a standard protocol for implementing single sign-on services.  The basics of SAML involves a trust relationship between an Identity Provider and multiple Service Providers (SP). When a user requests access to a members only section of an SP, that site redirects the browser back to the flexmls IdP to log in. After a successful login, the browser is redirected back to the SP. Along with the redirect, the IdP passes along attributes for that user. (flexmls login name, email address, phone number, etc.)  The SP can then use this information as if the user had logged in at that site. Since the SP “trusts” the IdP, the outside vendor can assume the username returned from the IdP is correct, trusted, and authenticated.


If you have never worked with SAML, continue on to getting started with flexmls SSO.  This provides assistance with selecting a Service Provider software package that best suits your architecture.


If you’re already experienced with SAML Service Providers, drive right in to the SAML configuration section.  This contains all of the details on the SAML responses, sessions, and attributes.

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