HOW TO: Retrieve high resolution photos

The flexmls RETS server makes high resolution photos (when uploaded by the listing agent) available for retrieval; however, some specific requirements exist in order to get access to those.

When retrieving photos from the flexmls RETS server, 2 modes exist:

Location=0 (the RETS specification-defined default)
This parameter value tells the RETS server to directly give you back the photo so that you can store it within your system.

Location=1 (considered best practice)
This parameter value tells the RETS server that you’d rather get back the URL to our copy of the photo rather than getting the photo directly.

The following 4 photo types can be retrieved through a GetObject request:

  • Thumbnail
  • Photo
  • 640×480
  • HiRes

The flexmls RETS server enforces a restriction on GetObject responses that prevents you from retrieving the larger sizes as a direct download as shown by the following table:

Size Location=0 (Download photo) Location=1 (Retrieve URL to photo)
Thumbnail 65×42 size given URL of 65×42 size given
Photo 300×225 size given URL of 300×225 size given
640×480 300×225 size given URL of 640×480 size given
HiRes 300×225 size given URL of 1024×768 size given

If you’re interested in getting photo sizes larger than 300×225, you’ll need to request the URL to the 640×480 or HiRes type and use that (either to serve directly to your users or to then initiate a download of the photo).

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