API Error Codes

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flexmls API Error Code HTTP Status Code Description
404 404 Not found
405 405 Method not allowed
1000 401 Invalid API key and/or request signed improperly
1010 401 API key is disabled
1013 403 The auth mechanism used for this request is not permitted for the provided key
1015 403 ApiUser must be supplied, or the provided key does not have access to the supplied user
1020 401 Session token has expired
1030 403 SSL required for this type of request
1035 400 POST data not supplied as valid JSON. Issued if the “Content-Type” header is not “application/json” and/or if the POST data is not in valid JSON format
1040 400 The _filter syntax was invalid or a specified field to search on does not exist
1050 400 (Message varies) A required parameter for the request was not provided
1053 400 (Message varies) A parameter was provided but does not adhere to constraints
1055 409 (Message varies) Issued when a write is requested that will conflict with existing data. For instance, adding a new contact with an e-mail that already exists
1500 403 The resource is not available at the current API key’s service level. For example, this error applies if a user attempts to access the IDX Links API via a non-IDX API key.
1550 503 Over rate limit

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