Listing Search Parameters

This page documents the parameters that may be used for the _filter parameter in a Listings API search. While the Search and Paging Syntax page documents general search parameters that apply to any service that searches, this page documents search parameters specific to the Listings API.

Field Parameters

Parameter Description
Standard field name Any standard field name from the Standard Fields service that is marked as searchable may be used. For example, ListPrice or BathsTotal .
ListingCart Listings may be limited by listing cart ID.
SavedSearch Listings may be limited by saved search ID. For example, the IDX Links service returns a saved search ID.
EmailLink Listings may be limited by e-mail link ID.
SharedListings Listings may be limited by shared listing ID; for example, 15Ar might be one possible value.

_orderby Parameters

Listings may be ordered by any searchable main list field from the Standard Fields service, or by the ModificationTimestamp field.

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