Listing Hot Sheet Parameters

In the Listings API, when a “hot sheet”, open house, or recent activity search is requested, the following parameters are available.


  • HotSheet : one of the following:
    Parameter Result
    new Returns new listings added since a time in the past (see notes below)
    price Returns listings with at least one price change since a time in the past
    sold Returns listings sold since a time in the past
  • OpenHouses : an integer in the range of 1 to 30, inclusive. Setting an OpenHouses parameter will return only listings that have open houses within the specified number of days. For example, &OpenHouses=7 will only return listings that have open houses in the next 7 days.

Default Time Range

The default time range for hot sheet services includes the last 24 hours, except on Mondays when the default time range is 72 hours to cover activity over the weekend. The time range is not currently customizable.

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