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by Greg Kilwein on August 3, 2011

in flexmls API

We’re continually working to improve our API to meet developer needs. The following changes were just installed today, and some of them were changes requested by our community of developers. Many thanks for the ideas, and we hope you benefit from them.

  • The Listings service now supports all _expand options when _limit is set to 1. This allows retrieval of full listing information of one listing at a time from a search, and enables you to retrieve the full information for a specific listing by list number to save an API call. Previously, to retrieve the full information for a listing by list number, a call had to be made to the API to retrieve the listing’s ID, then a second call made to retrieve full information for the listing by the ID.
  • OAuth refresh tokens are now supported to perpetuate portal (agent’s customer) sessions beyond the 24-hour limit.
  • The Accounts service now returns the user’s type as well as always including attributes of Office, OfficeId, Company, CompanyId to make development easier.
  • The My Account service now allows developers to define whether a portal user (an agent’s client) receives daily e-mail updates about new and changed listings that match their criteria.
  • The Saved Searches service now supports pagination using the standard pagination syntax.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please let us know!


Max Chirkov August 5, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Hi Greg,

I’m having a difficulty with the _expand option. The syntax page says that the values are 0 and 1, but they don’t seem to work in this example:


I get the following error: “_expand cannot include 1 as it is not an expandable field”.

It works with the old parameters like this:


Am I missing something?

Thank you!

Greg Kilwein August 10, 2011 at 10:29 am

Max, you’re not missing anything. The Listings service doesn’t allow _expand=1 at the moment because of performance concerns, though we hope to be able to lift that restriction at some point. Supported expansions are listed on this page.

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