Announcing new IDX and portal API capabilities

by Greg Kilwein on June 29, 2011

in flexmls API

My team and I are happy to announce some new features in the flexmls API.  With this release, the API now offers services that allow your software to work on behalf of real estate agents’ clients. For some background, agents maintain a list of their clients, also known as contacts, in flexmls.  Agents may choose to set up what is called a “portal” for their clients, which is essentially a website that each client may log in to and view new listings, send messages to their agent, mark favorite listings in listing carts, etc.  The API now contains services that allow interaction with the client’s carts, searches, and listing notes.  For example, your software can now add listings to a client’s “Favorites” cart.  All services that act on behalf of clients must first be authenticated with OAuth; so, the client is required to enter their username and password before your software is allowed to access their information.  Changes made to client’s data via the API will be reflected in their portal when the client logs in the next time.

Below is a summary of the additions and changes in this release.

  • Portal OAuth support allows API clients to be able to log in as and work on behalf of an agent’s customer.
  • Related to the above, the listing cart service supports working with an agent’s customer’s cart.
  • There is a new saved search service that enables customer’s saved search names and IDs to be retrieved. The saved searches may be used to obtain matching listings via the SavedSearch parameter.
  • The listing notes service now supports creating notes about a listing on behalf of an agent’s customer.
  • The contacts service now allows retrieval of contacts by tag. A tag is called a “contact group” within flexmls.


We hope these features open up new avenues of application development for you, and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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