New features added to the flexmls IDX API

by Greg Kilwein on February 28, 2011

in flexmls API

We’d like to announce some additions to the flexmls IDX API. We’re hopeful these expanded capabilities of the API help you to create powerful new features in your applications.  At FBS, we are working on an upgraded version of the flexmls IDX WordPress plugin that will be building on the platform provided by these new API features.

We’ve added:

The credit goes to my team for making the first and this release of API happen.  Joshua Murray, the lead developer on the API, not only wrote much of the code but also contributed to the design and was instrumental in making the API come together.  James Ridley drew upon his extensive RETS and web service design background to help develop field mapping services and guide the design of the API.  Wade McEwen, Brandon Hornseth, and Troy Davisson meticulously crafted the flexmls API clients to make developers’ lives easier and built products using the API that helped inform what features the API needed and to verify that the API was working properly.  This project is a great testament to the power of teamwork, and I’m thankful to everyone involved for bringing it to fruition.

The documentation and the live API are both updated to include these new features. Please let us know what you think about these changes.

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