We’re happy to announce an online developer support system, available at http://jira.fbsdata.com/, for supporting developers who are building applications using the flexmls API.  Using Jira, our issue tracking system, you may now report bugs, ask questions, or suggest features or improvements.  You may also see what other issues other developers have submitted, and may vote on issues that others have added that you’d like to see implemented.

If you’re currently developing applications using the flexmls API and would like to submit requests, send an email to api-support@flexmls.com with your API key in the body of the message, and we’ll send Jira login information to the email address that we have on our records for that API key.  If you do not have an API key and would like to join our developer program, you may request one here. Developers who join the developer program after today will automatically receive Jira credentials, so there’s only a need to contact us if you do not have a Jira account.

We’re pleased to be able to offer this enhanced level of support and hope it better meets your needs as you develop applications on the flexmls API. Please let us know in the comments or at the API support email address above if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this new support system.

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We’re happy to announce that these features have been added to the flexmls API:

  • IDX API clients may now determine if a field will be visible in a response from the Listings service via a new MlsVisible attribute in the Standard Fields service. This is useful for informing user interface choices; if the MLS doesn’t allow the field’s data to be delivered, then those fields may be hidden throughout the user interface.
  • User qualifications such as designations are now retrievable via the Accounts service.
  • New sub-services have been added to the System Info service show what account-related metadata is defined for the MLS, which currently includes account designations like e-Pro, etc.
  • A Settings attribute is now available in the /my/account service. This returns information about whether the user has restrictions on what may be searched in a SearchRestriction attribute. For example, some users are only allowed to search active listings. If SearchRestriction is empty, the user may search any field. Currently, two search restrictions are supported: MlsStatus and PostalCode. The API client may use these settings to inform what search options are available in the application’s user interface.
  • IDs have been added to individual contact information items in the Accounts service. This may be used by client applications that wish to refer to contact information via ID for storage for later use instead of storing the actual contact information directly.


Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.


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A minor new feature was added today. The My Listings service now supports _filter parameters. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with the feature.

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We’re continually working to improve our API to meet developer needs. The following changes were just installed today, and some of them were changes requested by our community of developers. Many thanks for the ideas, and we hope you benefit from them. The Listings service now supports all _expand options when _limit is set to […]

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We are once again happy to announce some improvements to the flexmls API that were released this morning. There are many improvements this time, so the changes have been categorized below into those that affect listings and those that affect other services. A special thank-you goes again to my team for turning the project plan […]

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Announcing new IDX and portal API capabilities

June 29, 2011

My team and I are happy to announce some new features in the flexmls API.  With this release, the API now offers services that allow your software to work on behalf of real estate agents’ clients. For some background, agents maintain a list of their clients, also known as contacts, in flexmls.  Agents may choose […]

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Additions to the flexmls API

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We are happy to announce some additions to the flexmls API. A summary of the changes are as follows: PropertySubType, SubdivisionName, and MLSAreaMinor are new standard fields available in the Listings service. The number of listings that match a query may be retrieved without returning any listing data, with a new _pagination=count parameter. Rooms and […]

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We’ve recently added some new features to the flexmls IDX API. As always, we hope these features prove useful for you as you develop your applications. This upgrade is also supporting some new features of the latest version WordPress flexmls IDX Plugin that was released today. Here’s what’s new: There is now a My Account […]

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