How to Apply to Serve on the ND Real Estate Commission Per North Dakota Century Code 43-23-01. The state real estate commission consists of five members, three of whom must be active real estate brokers appointed by the governor. The commission shall organize by the election of a chairman.

Also per North Dakota Century Code 43-23-02. The governor shall appoint each member of the commission for a term of five years. Terms must be staggered so the term of one member expires each year. At the expiration of the term of any member of the commission, the governor shall appoint a successor for a term of five years. A commissioner may not serve more than two consecutive five-year terms. In the event of a vacancy on the commission for any reason the governor shall appoint a member for the unexpired term of that member.

According to Administrative Rule 70-01-01-01. "...It is the responsibility of the commission to administer the real estate license law regarding brokers and salespersons and to regulate the sale of out-of-state subdivided lands offered for sale to residents of North Dakota. In addition, the commission is required to administer a real estate education, research, and recovery fund whereby aggrieved persons may make application for the payment of unsatisfied judgments."

If you are interested in serving on the ND Real Estate Commission, which meets eight (8) times a year, go to this link on the Governor's website:

Click on "Application Form for Boards and Commissions" in the left-hand column, fill out an application selecting the ND Real Estate Commission as the commission on which you want to serve, and submit. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The web page has information about the current commissioners and their appointment and term ending dates. Terms begin each year on July 1, so appointments are made any time prior to the beginning of a new term.

For more information call NDAR at 701-355-1010 or 800-279-2361 or email NDAR CEO Jill Beck at Information also is available by contacting the ND Real Estate Commission at 701-328-9749 or emailing the commission's executive director, Pat Jergenson, at