Ordinance 441 - Regarding Short Term Rentals of Your Personal Property

The City has adopted an amendment to the zoning ordinance relative to Short Term Rentals. The new ordinance permits Short Term Rentals (Airbnb and VRBOs etc.) as a conditional use. This means anyone wanting to use all or part of their home for Short Term Rental must apply for and receive a conditional use permit from the City of Detroit Lakes and meet the following conditions:

1. The building be of residential design.
2. The owner of the establishment obtain all required state and local licenses.
3. The owner comply with all requirements of the City Code 612, Rental Unit Registration. Also all short term rentals must pass their rental inspection prior to rentals taking place.
4. The owners pay the required lodging tax and any other required sales tax. The owner/operator must provide the City with their state and local sales tax numbers.
5. No cooking facilities be permitted in any guest bedroom.
6. At least two off street parking spaces be provided plus one space for each bedroom. The parking area shall be screened from adjacent residential property as provided in Section 3 of the zoning ordinance.
7. Signage is limited to one sign single or double faced that is non-illuminated and does not exceed four (4) square feet per sign face. The content of such sign is limited to the name and address of the facility.
8. A maximum of two (2) guest are allowed per bedroom and a maximum of 5 bedrooms (10 guests) are allowed per short term rental.
9. The operator shall provide evidence of rental liability insurance.
10. The owner/operator shall maintain a log of all short term rental activity and provide it to the City upon request.
11. The owner/operator shall notify guests of all short term rental rules and regulations and provide contact information for the property manager, and emergency services.
12. The owner/operator shall maintain a safe environment by complying with building and life safety codes, prohibiting rental of accessory structures, providing smoke detectors, CO detectors, and fire extinguishers and posting the location of fire exits and escape routes.
13. Additional occupancy by use of recreational vehicles, tents, or other structures is not permitted.
14. Any other conditions which the Council deems necessary may be added.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact:
Larry Remmen, AICP
Community Development Director
City of Detroit Lakes
1025 Roosevelt Avenue
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
218-846-7125 (Direct Line)
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