Weekly I get many inquiries from sellers and buyers about Breezy Shores. This is how it works....

If you are a seller choosing to list your unit, you first send me an email to llpiche@yahoo.com. I wear hearing aids and on the phone it is very easy for me to hear letters incorrect even when spoken slowly so please, do not call leaving your e-mail address. (Your email will show me your correct email address.) In that e-mail please let me know the UNIT and the WEEK that you currently own and I will forward the listing documents to you.

You follow up with me after that. Some people indicate this is odd, but many times sellers decide to keep the units, and I do not want to pressure you! If you choose to list and return your documents, you can then verify that your unit is on the Vacation Units available for sale tab on my website (or call me to verify that I received it.)

You pay NOTHING to list your property, but the fees do come out of your proceeds AT THE TIME OF THE SALE for the closing costs.
I try and regularly update the Breezy Shores Vacation tab to show all of the units available for sale. I also advertise locally in a variety of publications.

I look forward to trying to help you achieve your sale.

Please note that buyer's also have additional closing costs. If you come to me with a buyer already in place, there is no reduction in the fees as the work remains the same for us. You may also contact your attorney to complete paperwork to sell your unit to a buyer you have in place.

Currently the seller's expense for US Citizens without title issues is $1070 total. (2020)

Buyer's standard cost to purchase is the asking price, reimbursement of the maintenance fees for the year (if the buyer gets use of the unit), and $625 closing costs. (2020)

~ Lisa ~
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