Feng Shui means wind and water, when these two forces meet, energy is created. The definition of energy is to "make things happen". Feng Shui allows you to use this energy or chi to balance and harmonize every aspect of your life. This includes relationships, wealth, health, vibrancy, and well being for you and everyone else you care about. This is also very helpful in real estate transactions....

Feng Shui for Sellers
Harmonize your home before you sell
When selling a home it is important that the energy is fine tuned and ready for all buyers that walk through your front door. People sense energy and know immediately when they walk into your home whether they feel warm and fuzzy or cold and a bye bye feeling. Your home is your castle with your stuff there including every emotion that has ever occurred while living there. Every human being vibrates at a certain frequency that is why we relate to some people and not to others. It doesn't mean that one is better than the other, it just is. By doing a sacred space clearing you up lift the energy and refine the vibration to feel more harmonious, loved, and comfortable in your surroundings. Energetically, more clients are attracted to a cleansed home.

While your home is on the market you can enjoy the wonderous energy that heals and nourishes your body and your loved ones. A Feng Shui space clearing allows you to set your intentions for your home and allows you to cut the cord with your current home and allows you to move forward in your life.

Selling homes today is more than just marketing. It is listening, being aware, and understanding the energy of a home for a quick and easy sale.

From a Feng Shui standpoint, there are really three elements that need to be addressed: the sellers emotions, letting go and stimulating the sale.

1. Emotions
First, you yourself must be ready to sell the house. Selling a home is a very emotional issue because you and your family have developed a strong attachment to the home over the years. Everyone must be sincerely mentally and emotionally ready to let go-a process which can be difficult.

If one or more of the occupants intellectually agrees but is still hanging on emotionally, the sale cannot occur because those feelings are blocking the flow of energy that fosters the sale and allows both parties to move forward.

Make cosmetic adjustments that enhance curb appeal and put away as many of your family photos as you can. The prospective home buyers must be able to envision themselves and their family in your home.

Secondly, the grounding spot in a home is an area or corner located at its southern most point, find that spot. If you have placed a heavy piece of furniture or artwork there, you should remove it when you wish to change residences much like pulling up the anchor that stabilizes a ship at port.

Third, you need to activate (bring positive energy to) various areas around the home that stimulate all aspects of the sale. You can activate an area by placing an object - it could be a piece of art or furniture-in that location. The object should represent one or more of the CANE (color, animal, number, element) requirements. The areas pertaining to selling a home are:
NW: This area represents helpful or supportive people, e.g. your real estate agent. Use metal or gray objects, or something relating to the number 5.

SE: Represents wealth and prosperity. Objects: Wood, something green or purple or the number 4.

S: Represents fame, fortune and attention. Objects depicting fire or something red or the number 9.

E: Represents prosperity, harmony and family life. Similar to SE: wood, something green or the number 3.

Placing nine red candles in the shape of cardinals, for example, in the South, fit this bill: color is red, animal is bird, number is nine and candles represent fire.

The For-Sale Sign
The for-sale sign should be installed on the yang side of the front yard, which is the right side when facing the front door. All Omega Realty signs were designed using the Feng Shui principals. They stand out and get noticed.

My name is Kerri Wright and I am a graduate of The International College of Intuitive Sciences. I received certification in Feng Shui studying under Daryll Mitchell. I am always happy to help sellers with tips to enhance their property for quicker sales. Our newsletters have tips for both buyers and sellers. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact me!