New Mobile Flexmls and IDX

Jan 6, 2012  |  Michael Wurzer

FBS released a new mobile site for agents ( and consumers ( in January 2012. Check the Flexmls Forum for additional details.

13 Responses to “New Mobile Flexmls and IDX”

  1. David says:

    I really appreciate the new mobile apps and find the public version very helpful. Unfortunately the agent version fails to allow the the agent to choose to see only “Active” properties for sale. This is in large part because our MLS (ARMLS) allows for properties that are already under contract to continue to show as active but with a special label “Active with Contingencies.” Until the Agent app allows me to exclude properties that are already under contract I will need to use the desktop version even when in the field. I look forward to this feature being incorporated in a new release.

  2. David says:

    Great to hear! Thanks for always being so responsive. I am a loyal IDX subscriber as well!

  3. John Wake says:

    Michael, I’m a fan of your mobile product. When neighbors ask me what a home is listed for, it works great for me. I go to “Nearby Listings” and find the home on the map.

    The problem is when they ask me for what a home sold for. I go into the mobile app and change the Status to Closed. And then go to View and then Map and it doesn’t really function because almost a million homes meet those criteria.

    So I put in a zip code and then do it again to narrow it down to 10,000 homes but it’s still too many homes so it’s unusable.

    Okay, what I need to a to be able to select for homes sold in the last X months. How about this? In the Status menu have 2 selections for Closed, “Closed – 12 Mo.” and “Closed – All.”

  4. John, we expect to have status date filters added by the end of the month.

  5. Aria Mashburn says:

    How do I remove the window that keeps popping up when I open up my FlexMLS on my IPAD – asking me if I want to be directed to the mobile application at It’s driving me crazy! I do not like the mobile app as well as the regular program because it doesn’t have as many features as the regular program has. I have to use it on my Iphone because I do not have the option to use the regular program there – and so therefore, I have to leave the mobile application on my Iphone. I have removed all mobile applications from my Ipad, but I am still getting the window!

    • Michael Wurzer says:

      Currently, there isn’t a way to remove it, but we’ll look at adding that as an option.

  6. Just wondering if you are going to release an app for tablets and mobile divices so I don’t have to go to a browser on my IPad or droid phone.

  7. Michael Wurzer says:

    Ryan, it looks like you’re in the St. George MLS, so you have access to the Spark Store inside the Flexmls System. You should check out the DreamPro app, which works great on an iPad.

    Back to your question, though, the answer is that we don’t have any plans we can announce regarding a native (non-web) application. Our overall strategy has been to integrate with companies like Dream Commerce, Mobile Realty Apps, Goomzee, and others who have already built native applications.

    Longer term, we are considering building our own native application as well, but, even if we do make that commitment, we wouldn’t have a product to announce for quite some time. Our primary focus right now is to:

    1. Make sure Flexmls Web works on as many desktop and tablet browsers as possible. I’m confident Flexmls Web is the most feature-rich browser based MLS system across more browsers and tablets than any other system available on the market today, and intend to keep it that by continually adding features like touch-control maps and photo tours.

    2. Phones — We offer targeted at phone sized devices, with touch-enabled maps, photos, and GPS. Again, a web based app, but it works on all devices.

    3. Spark — Our Spark Platform initiative is a long-term solution to create a platform to enable others to create native applications that meet your needs. As much as we’d like to do so, there’s no way any one company will ever be able to build every product agents and brokers need and so creating a platform on which many can innovate is our strategy for responding to your needs now and in the future.

  8. David Moore says:

    What are iPad native app options for ARMLS agents? Thanks!

  9. Marc Minkin says:

    Hi Michael. Goomzee did not show anything for the combined Tucson/Phoenix area. is there an app covering a) Tucson and b) the shared markets?

    • Michael Wurzer says:

      No, I’m not aware of any native application that does cross-MLS searching. We’ll be adding cross-MLS search to our mobile web app in the next quarter and, of course, Flexmls Web works now on an iPad.