Mobile For Everyone and Some New Features

Jan 16, 2012  |  Michael Wurzer

This morning we took our new mobile site ( out of beta and added a few new features.  But the bigger news probably was from some time ago, when we launched mobile portals and mobile IDX, which makes Flexmls more mobile than ever.  Now, whether you are an agent accessing the private version of Flexmls, an agent’s customer accessing a customer portal, or a consumer accessing a broker or agent IDX site, you can do so with your touch-enabled mobile phone or tablet.

In addition to moving the new mobile project out of beta, we’ve added some new features as well, including an enhanced full-screen photo tour, auto-loading of listings and photos as you scroll or swipe, ability for consumers to take notes on listings, and uploading of photos by the listing agent.

Mobile, in all its forms, continues to be a primary focus for FBS and we expect to continuously add functionality to this new platform.


11 Responses to “Mobile For Everyone and Some New Features”

  1. Craig Mische says:

    Excellent. Nice work.

  2. John Coley says:

    Looking forward to checking this out. My buyers love the portal and so I am excited about letting them know they can be mobile now.

  3. Victor Lund says:

    is mobile a standard component of your base FlexMLS product or is it a premium add on?

  4. Michael Wurzer says:

    Agent and consumer portals are part of the base product and mobile IDX is optional.

  5. How do I download the mobile app to my phone? And is there a charge for this?


  6. Love the new version. Only suggestion I have is the Price range. With property types such as leases (Commercial or residential) which some MLS support, a starting price of 25k is not very functional. I do recognize that the vast majority of users are served by a functional residential search. Just a thought of something to tackle in later updates… Again LOVE the new mobile version… keep up the GREAT work!!!

  7. John Coley says:

    I agree that a more robust agent version would be welcome.

    Like today I was using the mobile version and wanted to email a listing to a client on the fly, but couldn’t. I’m sure this is in the works.

    Also the ability to customize the available fields for the consumer side, as well as entering default values, would be awesome. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would be willing to pay a tad extra for that right now. Maybe a UI that allows you to drag ad drop fields into a little square, or add fields kind of like we do for searches.

  8. John Coley says:

    is there an app out there in beta? The other day when I was using my iphone on the site I could have sworn that I saw a link to download an app. I didn’t do it at the time because I had a buyer standing there wanting some info, but now when I go back to the login page I can’t see anything. Was I just dreaming it?

  9. Michael Wurzer says:

    I’m not sure what you saw, John, but is our mobile site; we don’t have a native mobile app.

  10. John Coley says:

    thanks for letting me know. Very possible I was hallucinating – it’s 95+ degrees down here!!! 🙂