“I just want you to know . . .”

Jan 6, 2012  |  Michael Wurzer

“I just want you to know that every time I call and get anyone from your collective company on the line, the service and response are outstanding. What a fine business model in customer service.”

Anthony Godwin
Principal Broker
Today’s Realty

One Response to ““I just want you to know . . .””

  1. I’d like to give huge kudo’s for Matt Flatin! On several occasions in the last years, including today, I’ve had to email Matt with small errors the WordPress plugin was throwing, and I am always truly amazed how swift he applies his attention.

    And I thought service like FBS provides went out in the 90’s. Thanks Matt and the entire FBS team for such a great product and outstanding support!

    Roberta Matera
    Matera Website Services