Cool Video and Virtual Tour Players

Feb 29, 2008  |  Michael Wurzer

I still think WellcomeMat has the best video platform for real estate, but Viddler is a very cool player you might want to check out, too. I love Viddler’s ability to add timed tags and comments.

For virtual tours, my favorite is JustSnooping, because it fits so well inside flexmls Web.


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  2. John C says:


    Right now I have embeded YouTube videos in my FlexMLS listings. After reading this post I have decided to switch all of my video tours to WellcomeMat.

    I can’t get mine to look right. What setting do you suggest? They give you these choices:

    Horizontal Player (for videos with cue points)
    Vertical Player (for videos with cue points)
    Compact Player (for videos WITHOUT cue points)
    Mini Vertical Player (for videos with cue points)
    Mini Player (for videos WITHOUT cue points)

    I suppose the cue points refer to videos with scenes – which is a really great feature. Christian Sterner of WellcomeMat suggests that the scenes feature (which allows viewers to skip back and forth in the video like chapters in a book) increases overall viewing and retention.

    Also, in Viddler, what settings do you suggest?

    By the way, thanks for adding embedded video to this Flex release. I’m loving it.

    Thanks for the help,

    John C
    Lake Martin, AL

  3. John, yeah, I see what you mean. I looked at your listing 07-1161, which has the horizontal setting and it doesn’t fit well (on a 1020×768 screen) in an e-mail with branding (either left or top). After trying many settings, I see your frustration. I would try the Large Video/Compact Player setting. I took one of your embed links and put it on this e-mail link for a test. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look a whole lot different than YouTube without the cue points but it works the best of the settings from what I can tell. I haven’t tried to embed a Viddler video yet, but wil take a look at it and see what I find.

  4. John C says:

    Thanks! The demo looks great! I will continue to play around with different settings and with Viddler and will comment back here with results. If anyone else out there has suggestions, I am all ears.

    I heard Sterner speak at the RETechSouth conference last week. I wish you would have been a panelist, they could have used a MLS person there.

    Also let me say again, huge props on the mapping feature on the FlexMLS upgrade. We’re still trying to get everyone to go in and correct their listings (we’re in a rural area, so many times geocode is a tad off). But overall the mapping is really nice.


    John C

  5. Mat Man says:

    Thanks for the shout out FBS! As for the Viddler comparison, they have a very cool site but the service is not at all focused on the real estate and local video market. When it comes down to real estate (MLS, etc.) as many of you know, real estate video requires much more nuance/adaptation than most other verticals.

    With regards to resizing and choosing the best video player, not sure if you’re aware of this, but WellcomeMat provides a video resizing tool. Here’s an example:

    Now if you watch the aforementioned video, you’ll see just how much context the chapter markers add to the experience. Truthfully, you’re lucky if your audience watches your videos once (start to finish). Chapters allow your viewers to choose/view content that is of immediate interest and likewise increase your videos recall and retention.