Change is Powered by FUEL

Aug 27, 2019  |  Char Gust

We recently hosted the 20th annual FBS Summit, welcoming 125+ of our Flexmls customers and users for 3 days of learning, collaboration and fun in our home state of North Dakota. At the Summit, we shared this video to demonstrate how ideas turn into new features at FBS. 


In the video, you may have noticed a spot designated just for YOU on our team. Because every feature we work on is designed based upon data and user research, and you’re a big part of that user research, we need more of you!

Say hello to FUEL!

While we get feedback from many of our customers via surveys and suggestions, we also have a working group of users that have agreed to help us at a more detailed level. We call them the FUEL group, which stands for Flexmls User Experience Leaders. That’s where YOU come in!

We created the FUEL group because we value your input and your knowledge about how you get your work done. By understanding your unique perspectives and work patterns, we can create the best MLS tools.

Who are FUEL Members? Are you eligible?

Membership criteria/eligibility is simple: just be a Flexmls System user. Members represent various user roles, including MLS Executives and Staff, Brokers, Agents, Broker and Agent Assistants, and Appraisers. 

What kind of commitment is FUEL?

Participation is voluntary, and there are no expectations that you participate in a set number of activities. As a FUEL member, you’re free to pick and choose when you engage to provide regular, structured feedback to the Product Team. We welcome you to be as active as your schedule allows. We strive to keep time requirements to a minimum and provide as much information about the activity as possible so that you can decide if you can participate in any given activity. You may be invited to activities like usability studies, interviews, field research and/or online feedback sessions.

How do I join?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve made it easy. Sign up here and FUEL the change!

I speak for the entire team when I say we look forward to working with you.

7 Responses to “Change is Powered by FUEL”

  1. I look forward to helping.

  2. Not only do I list and sell real estate, but I also use FLEX for my BPO work.

  3. Jeff Thacher says:

    I am a realtor and mls chair elect in North East OK board of realtors. I attended the FBS Summit for the first time this year and found the experience and information valuable and would be pleased to participate in FUEL to help provide an agent / user perspective.

  4. Patsy Zwick says:

    I tried to delete a saved search but couldn’t. After selecting the three dots on the right of the search and then selecting delete a progress wheel “flashed” on the screen as if it was going to delete the search “quickly” but it never did. Also, how do you delete drafts? On the saved searches screen there is a “drafts” hot button. I’m not able to delete those either. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Diana van der Meer says:

    Please allow us to exclude subdivisions within a search.

  6. Jeri Nehall says:

    Hello, I really do not think I utilize Flex in all ways possible an could get much more exposure an contact with customers thru Flex if I put more time into searching out the possibilities…This might help.. TKU I need to

  7. 18 year user of FlexMLS as a Realtor, Association EO and Office Manager.