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Your Map View Just Got Smarter

May 23  |  Katelyn Renner

If you use a mobile device (Flexmls Pro for Android, Flexmls Mobile Web, or the Flexmls Portal) to access Flexmls you will be excited to hear that we've made the maps on your devices more responsive for you and your clients. When Will It Change…

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The Flexmls Portal: Building Relationships with Clients

Jun 12  |  11am Central

Who are your most active contacts? What listings are they…


Forbes Recognizes FBS as a 2019 Small Giant Company

May 3  |  Kim Prior

Since 2005*, we’ve focused on building FBS as a sustainable, employee-owned company with the core values of freedom, opportunity, and respect. Our path to success has been paved with our purpose: proliferating ownership through our company structure (100% employee owned) and software products (real estate…