Coming 9/14/17: Flexmls Web: Reverse Prospecting Email Includes Contact’s Info

Sep 1, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On September 14, if your MLS allows members to email agents directly from the Reverse Prospecting screen, the recipient’s email will include their contact’s contact information. This will help you save time when receiving a Reverse Prospecting email: you can see which of your contacts have searches that match the listing before running¬†Match Contacts. Only the recipient will see their contact information; the agent sending the email will not be able to see it.

Reverse Prospecting can be a useful tool to use in order to obtain a broader exposure for your listings. The process determines which other members have contacts with searches that match your listing and provides you with a list of members to inform of the matches. For a more detailed explanation of Reverse Prospecting click here.

Run Reverse Prospecting for one of your listings, select a member in the results page, and the email will display a placeholder for the recipient’s contacts.

When the recipient views the email, it displays their contact’s name, email address, and phone number.