Coming 6/14/17: Flexmls Web – Updated Portal Design and Features

Jun 1, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On June 14, your Portal will receive a fresh and updated look, giving your contacts more listings on the screen, an easier way to manage subscriptions, and a more intuitive search method. To take advantage of these updates, make sure the new portal is enabled by going to the Preferences menu and selecting Portal Preferences. If you see a button to Try the New Flexmls Portal, click it to enable the newest version of the portal.

Two Column Listing Views – Focus on Photos!
When viewing multiple listings on the screen, you may now see two columns displayed, allowing the user to see up to 10 listings per page. This is dependent on the screen size, giving the best experience regardless of viewing on a desktop monitor, tablet or phone.

Even better, you’ll see a larger photo of the listing’s primary photo, with an overlay of the listing summary text. Your customers will see the key pieces of information with one glance.

When opening a listing to see the details, the wider listing column provides more screen space for a better view of pictures, videos, and listing details.

With a responsive design, clients using a smaller screen or device will see a single column of listings displayed.

When a user selects the Hide option while viewing multiple listings, the listing is immediately replaced by a notification that the listing has been hidden. There is an option to Unhide the listing in case the listing was hidden unintentionally. The next time the user visits their News Feed or Saved Searches, the hidden listing will not display; it will only be available in the “Hidden” folder.

Updates to Listing Changes
When viewing an agent-created search, clients will have the ability to turn on notifications, giving them control over whether or not they receive email notifications for listing updates related to the search.

If there is an active subscription associated with the search, text by the search name will display as Notifications are ON. If the user wants to stop receiving email notifications, they can click the Turn Off link.

If there is no subscription associated with a search, the user can click Turn On to start receiving notifications.

Any change the user makes to a search’s notifications is reflected in Flexmls Web. Client created notifications will display as subscriptions on the Searches/Subscriptions tab in Contact Management. Client created notifications are always set to ASAP on the Subscription Schedule. If you would like to edit a client’s subscription, click the subscription name to edit the subscription.

If a client turns notifications off, they will display as Deactivated in Flexmls Web. Click the Reactivate icon if you would like to turn on the subscription for the contact.

Start a New Search
Just as before, clients can start a new search by typing in the Search bar at the top of the screen. In the example below, the user is searching by selecting a specific location. Note: if you are not a Flexmls IDX subscriber and your client tries to edit an agent-provided search, they will be redirected to the Search bar in order to begin a new search.

On the results page, the user can further refine their search by selecting the Filter Search option.

The user can set their search criteria and click View Listings to view the results.

If you are a Flexmls IDX subscriber, your contacts can save the searches they create. If you are not a Flexmls IDX subscriber, your clients cannot save the searches they create; however, they can use the Star icon to save individual listings from the search to their Saved collection. Additionally, you can view their last unsaved search criteria on the Portal Tab in Contact Management.

Just as before, only four searches are displayed in the Portal’s quick menu. If a user has more than four saved searches, they can click the View All link to access all of their available searches.