Coming 5/15/17: Flexmls Web – Lookup Contacts when Sending Manual Emails

May 3, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On May 15, you will be able to search for contacts when sending manual emails. This will make sending manual emails easier by eliminating the need to scroll through long lists in order to find specific contacts.

The lookup bar will appear on the manual email screen. Use the lookup to find contacts or click the Add New Contact button to create a new contact.

If you click in the contact search box without typing, a list of all of your contacts will appear and you can scroll through to find and select specific contacts.

Start typing a contact’s name or email address into the search bar to search for a specific contact. Click the contact to select them as a recipient.

If a contact has multiple email addresses, each address will appear separately.

If you are working on behalf of a contact who has more than one email address and you manually email listings to them, all of their email addresses will be selected by default.

If you would like to remove a recipient, click the X next to the email address you’d like to remove.