Coming 4/6/17: Flexmls Web: Quick Tutorial Tips for New Portal Users

Mar 22, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

An introductory tutorial has been added to the new portal to make using it easier and more efficient for potential home buyers. Starting April 6, if you are using the new portal, your clients will see these tips when they log in.

Portal users can navigate through the tutorial by using the Next and Back buttons. Currently there are tutorial tips for Searching, the News Feed, Saved Searches, and Saved/Hidden Listings. Depending on what you have set up for your clients in advance, they may not see all the tips shown below. For instance, if you have not assigned a saved search to a client, they will not see the tip for using Saved Searches.

Clicking Dismiss will exit the tutorial. The tutorial only appears once; when the user clicks Finish (on the final tip) or Dismiss, the tutorial will not reappear the next time the user accesses the portal.

Please Note: Look for additional tutorials to be added in the near future.

To take advantage of this function, make sure the new portal is enabled by going to the Preferences menu and selecting Portal Preferences. If you see a button to Try the New Flexmls Portal, click it to enable the newest version of the portal.