Coming 4/4/17: Flexmls Web: Tax Information Available in the New Portal

Mar 17, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

For those using the newest version of the Flexmls Portal, we are adding the ability for your clients to see tax information for listings (as allowed by your MLS). On April 4, when your contacts log in to the portal, they can now view all tax information in one place when viewing a listing’s details, providing your customer an overview of all data points related to taxes. Additionally, if you use the new portal, you will have the option to include tax information when manually emailing listings. To take advantage of this function, make sure the new portal is enabled by going to the Preferences menu and selecting Portal Preferences. If you see a button to Try the New Flexmls Portal, click it to enable the newest version of the portal.

When your clients view a listing’s details in the portal, they can click Taxes to expand and view the listing’s relevant tax fields (as allowed by your MLS).

If your MLS uses a third party for tax information, a link may also appear in the Taxes section. Clicking the link will open a new window with your tax provider’s information for that listing.

Enable/Disable Tax Info in Your Portal
Go to the Preferences menu and select Portal Preferences. Click to expand the Listing Content Options and enable (green) or disable (gray) Tax Info in your portal. By turning the Tax Info setting on, your contacts will see the Taxes section by default when viewing listing details in the portal.

Enable/Disable Tax Info in the Portal on a Per-Contact Basis
If you use the new portal, you can decide on a per-contact basis if tax info should be available. In Contact Management, select a contact and go to their Portal tab. Then select Change Settings and use a check mark to include (checked) or exclude (unchecked) access to Tax Info for the contact. Please note, a contact’s individual Portal Settings will override the general Portal Preferences.

Include Tax Info for Manually Emailed Listings
If you use the new portal, your options for what is included in manually emailed listings are limited by what the new portal can display. With Taxes now available in the portal, the option to include listing Tax Info when sending manual emails is also available.