Coming 4/18/17: Flexmls Web Multi Property Search

Apr 4, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On April 18, when you select a Quick Search template that can search multiple property types, all available property types for that template will be selected by default when you begin the search. You’ll save time and mouse clicks.

This is a significant improvement. Currently, only the first property type is selected and you must manually select additional property types.

To start a Quick Search, go to the Search menu and select Quick Search.

Select a Quick Search template that uses multiple property types. Note: when you click a template on the left, the search Description on the right lists all of the property types available on the template. Click Use to search with the selected template.

When the Quick Search loads, all of the template’s available property types will be selected by default.

If you would like to remove specific property types from your search, click on Property Type then select only the property types you want to include in the search. Note: you can hold down the Ctrl key (Command key if you are using a Mac) to select multiple property types.