Coming 3/8/17: Flexmls Mobile Web: Updated Design for Search Interface

Mar 3, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On March 16, Flexmls Mobile Web will have an updated design for its search screens. The new design does not change any functionality and it will appear for searches in Flexmls mobile web as well as the search function for client portals on Flexmls mobile web. The new design is based on the current interface for the new Flexmls portals, reducing the differences between platforms.

Flexmls Mobile Web for Agents
Below are images comparing search screens for the current version of Flexmls mobile web and the new version. Notice the new version has a cleaner interface, drop down menus, and display for selected items.

Flexmls Mobile Web – Client Portal
If your MLS allows your contacts to use the Search option on mobile portals, they will see similar design changes when they go to their Search tab and tap the Filter Option. Below is a comparison of how the Filter screen currently appears for clients and how it will appear after the update.