Coming 3/6/17: Flexmls Pro for iOS and Flexmls Mobile Web: Invite Contacts to Your Portal

Feb 17, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On March 6, a new feature will be available for Flexmls Pro for iOS and Flexmls Mobile Web: you will be able to send your contacts an invitation to use the portal. Just as before, the portal allows your contacts to view their subscription news feed, saved searches, and favorite listings. We suggest saving a search to a contact before sending a portal invitation–this provides your contact with a portal that is immediately useful to their needs.

Send a Portal Invitation to Contacts
From the Contacts menu, click the Send Invite button to invite a contact to the portal. You can also send the portal invite from a contact’s detail screen.

On the Send Invite screen, tap Email Invite to send the invitation to your contact (tap Send if you are using Flexmls Mobile Web).

Note: If you update your contact’s record on the Send Invite screen by changing their email address, name or phone number, the changes will be saved to the contact’s record. If you customize the invitation message, Flexmls Pro will save the changes on your mobile device so the next time you send the invitation, the text you entered previously will appear. In Flexmls Mobile Web, you can modify the invitation text, but the changes are not stored; the default text will appear each time you invite a contact to use the portal.

After sending the portal invite, your contact will receive a portal invitation email. Clicking the Sign Up button sends them to your portal where they can complete the portal sign up process.

Resend a Portal Invitation to Contacts
If you have already invited a contact to your portal (regardless if the invitation was sent from Flexmls Pro, Flexmls Mobile Web, or Flexmls Web), you won’t see a Send Invite button next to the contact’s name on the Contacts screen. To resend the portal invitation, go to your contact’s record and tap Resend Invite. Tap Resend Email to resend the invitation (tap the Resend link if your are using Flexmls Mobile Web).

Note: The top of Resend Invite screen displays the time and date of the most recent invitation you sent to your contact.

Download Flexmls Pro for iOS
If you haven’t done so already, make sure you download Flexmls Pro for your iOS device: click here to get the latest version.

If you prefer to use the browser on your mobile device rather than the app, open your device’s browser and go to