Coming 2/28/17: Flexmls Web: Agent Copies of Subscription Emails follow Portal Preferences

Feb 14, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On February 28, the agent-only links in your copy of subscription emails will get an improvement. Instead of always taking you the News Feed for your contact, the links will follow the Portal Preference Listing links from email show.

General Portal Preference
The Portal Preference, Listing links from email show, determines if links in subscription emails open in the News Feed, to only the Listings in the subscription email, or in the Saved Search. It now applies to the your agent copy of the subscription email in addition to the email that your contact receives. For more information on the preference click here.

Regardless of whether you are using the new portal or the classic portal, when you click the link in your agent-only copy of the subscription email, the link will follow your portal preference and open in Flexmls web where you will be working on behalf of your contact.

Contact-Specific Portal Preference
You can set Portal Preferences on a per-contact basis by going to Contact Management, selecting a contact, and clicking the Portal tab. Select Change Settings and then set the Listing links from email show option.

If you have an individual contact’s Portal Preference set differently than your general Portal Preferences, it will override the general setting. Now the contact’s specific setting also applies to your agent-only link in your copy of subscription emails.