Coming 2/23/17: Flexmls Web: Improved Design for Preview Mode

Feb 9, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

On February 23, there will be several design changes to make Preview Mode for Subscriptions more intuitive to use. These changes will only affect the design and layout of the Subscription screen and the agent copy of the subscription email; Preview Mode’s functionality will not change.

Just as before, Preview Mode enables you to be selective about which listings and updates your client receives via subscription. Instead of sending updates about all the listings that match the saved search, Flexmls will only send updates to the contact for listings that you have approved.

Enabling Preview Mode
When Adding or Editing a subscription, the Preview Mode option will be relabeled Enable Preview Mode and moved to the bottom of the General Subscription Options. Hovering over the tool tip will display the help text “Preview Mode allows you to approve listings before they are emailed to clients.” Please note: Preview Mode is unchecked by default when you create a subscription; you must click the checkbox to enable it.

If you check the box to enable Preview Mode, the following text will display on the Subscription screen: When Preview Mode is enabled, contacts will not receive any emails until you approve the listings you’d like them to see. When there are new or changed listings, you will receive an email to review and approve the listings you would like to have emailed to your contact. This text box will always be present on the Subscription screen if Enable Preview Mode is checked.

Also note, when Preview Mode is enabled, you will now be able to check/uncheck the option Send me an email when a contact clicks the link. When Preview Mode is enabled and this option is checked, once you approve a listing it will be sent to your contact. When your contact clicks the emailed link to view the listing, you will receive a notification.

Approving Listings
When Preview Mode is enabled, the subscription will send you notifications of new and changed listings. This notification will contain both Approved and Unapproved listings. Your client will receive subscription updates only for Approved listings.

The top portion of the email you receive is only visible to you as the agent. Its text has been clarified and now reads “Click here to approve listings for [contact name].”

Clicking the link in the agent-only section takes you to Flexmls where you will see your contact’s News Feed. Click the Approve button next to a specific listing to send it to your contact or select multiple listings and click the Approve link at the top of the screen. Your contact will not receive any listings unless you have approved them.

Once a listing has been approved, it is automatically sent to your contact. Any future updates for that listing will be sent directly to your contact without requiring your approval.