Coming 1/3/18: Flexmls Pro Mobile Web: Improved Sharing Workflow

Dec 12, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

Soon, when you’re using Flexmls Pro Mobile Web, the workflow to share listings will be streamlined, making it easier and more intuitive to share listings. The new functionality will be similar to the existing functionality found in Flexmls Pro for iOS, reducing the differences between platforms.

When Will it Change
The new workflow for sharing will be available on January 3, 2018.

Who Will be Affected
All users who access Flexmls Pro Mobile Web on their mobile devices will be able to use these improvements.

Additionally, as soon as your MLS is updated to the latest version of Flexmls Pro for Android (announced here), you will also be able to use the new workflow on your Android app.

What Will Change
When you share a single listing, selected listings, or a search, the share screen will have a blue ribbon at the bottom with three options: Email, Text and More. To share the listing, select (or add) a recipient, type in a message to accompany the link to view listings, and then select the method you’d like to use to share the listings.

Email and Text allow you to send the listing directly to the selected contact, while More generates a link you can share from available apps on your mobile device.

Why Are We Making This Change
This change makes the process to share listings more intuitive. You simply work your way down the screen by selecting the recipient, typing your message, and then selecting how you’d like to share the listings. This improved workflow follows the same logic as sharing in Flexmls Pro for iOS, reducing the differences between Flexmls Pro Mobile Web and the Flexmls Pro apps. Making functionality consistent across the mobile platforms makes it easier for you to use Flexmls regardless of which device you’re using.