Coming 12/20/17: Flexmls Web: View Listings before Sending Emails (New Portal Users)

Dec 7, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

If you use the new Portal, soon you’ll have the option to view listings before you email them to your contacts. These listings will be open in a separate tab, making it convenient to reference the listings while composing your email message.

When will it change
This new feature will be available on December 20, 2017.

Who will be affected
Anyone who uses the latest version of Flexmls’s Portals will see this new option when emailing listings from Flexmls Web.

If you’d like to turn on the newest version of the Portal and take advantage of this new feature, use your Menu to go to Portal Preferences and click the Try the New Flexmls Portal button.

What will change
When you choose to email the Interactive Version of listings, you will see a new View Listings button at the bottom of the message window. Click the button to open a new tab in your browser, showing you the listings you’ve selected to send. If you use a popup blocker, make sure your settings allow popups from

TIP: If you want to move the new tab to a different window, click and hold the new tab to drag it into its own separate window.

You can tab between the windows easier in this mode. This also allows you to use both tabs at the same time by simply resizing. Or, if you have two monitors, you could have one open on each monitor.

Once you’ve sent the email, you can click to close the tab displaying listings or you can choose to keep it open, in case you need to reference the listings again.

Why are we making this change
When agents moved from Classic to New Portals, they didn’t have an option to Preview listings prior to emailing listings. We’ve not only added an option to View Listings with New Portals, but did so in a way that the listings can be viewed simultaneously while writing your email message.

This change gives you added confidence by being able to verify the listings that will be sent. Additionally, by placing these in a separate tab, you have the added convenience of being able to reference the listings while composing your message.