Coming 10/19/16: Flexmls Web: Centralized Subscription Settings

Oct 3, 2016  |  Katelyn Renner

**Although these changes were announced previously, some of the functionality has changed. This announcement provides a new release date and expanded explanations of the new functionality that will be released on October 19.**

On October 19, the Classic Portal Preferences tab will will become the central location for controlling the default behavior for your subscriptions. The new and updated settings described below will be available on October 19 when viewing the Classic Portal Preferences page; however, if you are using the New Portal, you can access these settings now.

New Portal Preference: Default Subscription Settings
As before, when saving a search, there is an option called What events define a listing as New for this search under Additional Search Options. If the search is part of a subscription, when a listing matches the search criteria the checked events will cause the listings to be sent to your contacts and appear in their News Feeds.

On October 19, there will be a new Portal Preference called Default Subscription Settings. This preference controls the default events selected for the option What events define a listing as New for this search when saving a new search.

The initial default settings are determined by your MLS, but the new Portal Preference allows you to set your own defaults. To override the default settings for a specific search, go to the Save Search screen, click Additional Search Options, and check the events you would like to apply.

You may notice that you have more status options available on the Portal Preferences screen (such as Sold and Pending) than you do in the Additional Search Options of the Saved Search screen. If you select a specific status such as Sold or Pending in the Portal Preferences, the Status Change option will be selected by default under Additional Search Options on the Save Search screen.

Please Note: The events selected under What events define a listing as New for this search on the Save Search screen also affect search results when a search is accessed from the Results section the Saved Searches screen. This allows you to view new listings for a saved search without the need to set up a subscription for the search.

Renamed Portal Preference: Exclude these listing statuses from the news feed
The current Portal Preference, Allow these statuses in the portal news feed for listings that no longer match, will be renamed to Exclude these listing statuses from appearing in the news feed unless the status is included in the search. Selected statuses will be excluded from the News Feed. For example, if your setting excludes Closed listings, a listing previously sent to your contact’s News Feed will no longer appear in the News Feed if its status changes to Closed.

As before, this general setting can be set on a per user basis by going to a Contact’s Portal tab in Contact Management, and selecting Change Settings

Note: Although this setting is changing from being inclusive to exclusive for the selected statuses, the behavior of your previous settings will not change. All previously allowed statuses will still be allowed in your News Feed.