Coming 10/18/16: Flexmls System: Streamlined Opt-In Process

Oct 5, 2016  |  Katelyn Renner

On October 18, the process for contacts to confirm their email address in order to receive subscription updates will be streamlined to be more user-friendly for your clients.

Just as before, the first time you create a subscription for a contact (with an unconfirmed email address), an email is automatically sent to the contact asking them to click to confirm that they have a valid email address and want to receive subscription listing updates via email.

Confirming a Subscription with No Listings to View Yet
If the recipient clicks Yes, please send me listings, but their subscription has not sent any listings to the News Feed yet, they will be taken to a screen that lets them know their account has been confirmed and they will receive new listing updates by email.

If they click Manage Subscription (shown above), it will allow them to unsubscribe from listing updates.

Confirming a Subscription When There ARE Listings to View
If the recipient clicks Yes, please send me listings, and their News Feed has had listings sent via subscription between the time the subscription was created and the time your contact clicked Yes, please send me listings, they will be taken directly to their News Feed in the Portal. A message saying “Thanks! We’ve confirmed your email” will appear on the screen to let them know that they have successfully confirmed their email address to receive subscription updates. The message will appear whether you use the classic portal, the new portal, or if the user is using the mobile web portal.

Classic Portal Confirmation Message

New Portal Confirmation Message

Mobile Web Portal Confirmation Message

Note: The above workflow takes place only when you create a subscription for a contact who has an unconfirmed email address. If they have previously clicked to open manual emails you’ve sent them from Flexmls, their email address has already been marked as Confirmed. For more information on this process click here. Confirming an email address is a one-time process for your contact; once they confirm they have a valid email address and would like to receive listing updates, they will not need to confirm that email address again even if you set up new subscriptions for them.