Coming 10/10/16: Flexmls Pro 2.4 for iPhone

Sep 26, 2016  |  Katelyn Renner

On October 10, Flexmls Pro version 2.4 will be released and available in the Apple App Store. This version will include improvements to sharing listings, selecting specific MLSs when searching (if your MLS uses a datashare with other MLSs), improved Address Searching, the ability to search listing collections, improved sorting, and the ability to enter login information less frequently.

Improved Sharing
When you share a single listing, selected listings, or a search, the share screen has a blue ribbon at the bottom with three options: Email, Text and More. Email and Text allow you to select (or add) a contact as the recipient and then send the listing(s) via email or text message. As before, More generates a link you can share from available apps in your phone.

If you choose the Text option and your selected contact has multiple phone numbers in Flexmls, you can choose which phone number you’d like to send the listing to. Additionally, the text message will contain a preview photo in the message.

Datashare: Option to Select Specific MLS(s)
If your MLS participates in a datashare with other MLSs, you can select which MLSs you’d like to use when creating or editing a search. From the Filter screen, tap Data Source to bring up the available MLSs. Once you’ve selected the appropriate MLSs, tap Done to return to the Filter screen.

Improved Address Search
The Advanced Address search will look for the exact number entered when searching fields like Address # and Unit # rather than using the number as a wild card and returning results where the number appears anywhere in the address or unit number.

The Simple Address search displays an updated count of matching listings as you type your search criteria.

Search Listing Collections
The Collections screen has a search bar at the top of the screen. Start typing the desired collection’s name to find the collection you are looking for.

Improved Sort
When viewing search results, if you choose a sort order other than New or Recently Changed or Price, the list price is automatically applied as a secondary sort (high to low).

Login Less Frequently
Some behind the scenes changes to how your password information is stored means that the prompt to enter your password will appear less frequently. This means more convenience for you as you can open the app and begin using it right away rather than having to re-enter your password between each session.