Relabeled Export & Syndication Options!

Jan 29, 2018  |  Katelyn Renner

The Export tab found on the Add/Change screens has been relabeled as the Broker Distribution tab on Flexmls Web. Additionally, export and syndication options available to office-level users have been relabeled as well. These changes only affect labels and will not impact functionality. The change in terminology will make the intent of listing distribution options more obvious to end users. Also, keeping terminology consistent for all users helps define the relationship between functionality at all levels.

These labels will be updated on January 31, 2018.

All members who add and edit listings will see the changes on the Add/Change screens. Additionally, office-level users will see their Syndication options relabeled (as allowed by the MLS).

Member Distribution Options
At the member level, the Add/Change screens will relabel the Export tab as the Broker Distribution Tab. When adding or editing a listing, the final tab will be labeled Broker Distribution. If your MLS has additional distribution options for members, they will appear under the heading Broker Listing Distribution Options. Selecting a distribution option will include the listing in the feed for the selected option.

When viewing your own listings, clicking the drop-down chevron will display an option for View Broker Distribution (previously labeled View Listing Exports) which will bring you to the Broker Distribution tab on the Change Listing screen.  

Broker Distribution Preferences
If your MLS allows offices to set default opt-in options for Broker Distribution Preferences on the Broker Distribution tab, office-level users will see Broker Distribution under the Preferences menu (formerly labeled Syndication).

Using the Broker Distribution Preferences page (formerly Syndication Preferences), the office can set the default options for their members (as allowed by the MLS) which determine whether a feed is enabled, whether listings are sent to the feed by default, and whether agents can override the options.

The terminology change helps clarify the connection between office, and member-level listing distribution options by using the same terminology for all users. Doing so helps make Flexmls more intuitive and easier to use.