Available Now: Flexmls System: Option to Print from Reverse Prospecting

Mar 23, 2017  |  Katelyn Renner

If your MLS uses the Reverse Prospecting feature in Flexmls, you can now print the results page. Reverse Prospecting can be a useful tool to use in order to obtain a broader exposure for your listings. The process will determine what other members have contacts with searches that match your listing and provide you with a list of members to inform of the matches. For a more detailed explanation of Reverse Prospecting click here.

For a brief description of how to run Reverse Prospecting and use the new Print option, keep reading the announcement below.

To run Reverse Prospecting for your listings, go to the Contacts menu and select Reverse Prospecting.

Select the listing(s) that you would like to include and click the Run Reverse Prospecting button.

On the results page, you will see members who have contacts with attached searches that match the listing(s) you selected on the previous screen. The new option to print this results page is at the top of the screen.