C is the lowest common denominator of languages, so it might be possible to write your own language bindings to a C library API. This might be a last resort option if there are issues with other implementations.


ZXID after v0.65 works with flexmls

We use ZXID on our web servers, and can provide experienced help. The ZXID mailing list is also friendly and helpful.

Download ZXID here.


Lasso is an open source SAML library, with claims that they support the full SAML 2.0 specification. (Or a majority of the spec) In addition to the C library, there are many other language bindings created via SWIG.

Download here


OpenSAML is not a full Service Provider, but is a library for handling the low level SAML protocol. It could be helpful in creating a new Service Provider package for a custom environment. (Much more effort will be required compared with higher level SP packages)

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