How to receive notifications of feed changes
Learn about our notification system that can help keep you informed of changes made to your RETS feed.

How to retrieve photo and document names
Learn how to find and use the provider photo and document names from RETS GetObject responses.

How to efficiently replicate RETS data
This is a tutorial that explains efficient steps required to replicate RETS data to your own system's database.

How to retrieve high resolution photos
This is a tutorial that explains how to retrieve the HiRes type through GetObject requests.

How to retrieve supplemental listing remarks
This is a tutorial that explains how to retrieve the 10,000 supplemental listing remarks text associated with listings in flexmls.

Example RETS Session
This is a walkthrough tutorial on the requests and responses you can expect to receive back from the RETS server.

DMQL Introduction
This is a tutorial that introduces how to do basic queries using DMQL, the query language of RETS.

Best Practices: Photo downloads
This outlines some of the best practices to use when downloading photos from the flexmls RETS server (and RETS servers in general).

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