Where’s Justice When You Need It?

Oct 12, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

As Matt Bester of the Department of Justice was making his case yesterday in Seattle to the Council of MLS as to why the DOJ believes the real estate industry is anti-competitive, the California Association of REALTORS was playing big brother in Anaheim during the CAR meetings as they were seeking a vote to create a monopoly statewide MLS system.

Clareity Consulting had issued a paper detailing why it’s a bad idea for CAR to try to establish a monopoly MLS system, and, as Inman reported, CAR literally took the paper from the Board of Directors hands.  Maybe Mr. Bester should have been in Anaheim instead of Seattle.

2 Responses to “Where’s Justice When You Need It?”

  1. Ol' Roy says:

    Would this be a surprise that a state association would do this. Of the three tiers of Big R, the state associations have become nearly irrelevant. It’s simply a desperate grab for importance. The time has come for NAR’s mandate for state associations to go away.

  2. Apella says:

    Bad Move CAR… Bad Move.

    I do not sell real estate. But as a consumer I would think that if most sales agents are indipendent businesses that they would have the right to market their clients property to the most? If I hire a “REALTOR” why cant they list my property to the world? Because their broker has to be a “REALTOR” to have access to the MLS.

    Maybe I should look for an indipendent sales broker that uses E-Bay?

    This is a bad move CAR

    Thanks for the post!