Where and how often is your listing being viewed?

May 5, 2010  |  Michael Wurzer

For some time, FBS has had a report in our flexmls Web system called the Listing Activity Report. This report provides listing agents and their sellers information on how often their listing is being viewed:

  • By agents inside the flexmls system,
  • By customers receiving email links from agents through flexmls Web;
  • By consumers visiting agent sites using our flexmls IDX system; and
  • By consumers using the flexmls Portal provided to them by their agent.

The report also shows:

  • How often the listing is being marked as a favorite, possibility or reject by those viewing the listing;
  • How often more information or a showing is requested; and
  • How often the listing is shared to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Dwellicious or other social networks.

This is all great information but a big gap on the report has been information about where and how often the listing is being viewed outside the flexmls ecosystem.

Spurred on by a suggestion on the John Hall Blog (check out this post for a good overview of the Listing Activity Report), James Ridley and David Kerzman from FBS set up a listing tracking API (application programming interface) to allow third parties to submit data from their system to the Listing Activity Report.  Once James had the API working, we contacted Justin LaJoie, CEO of Diverse Solutions, which provides an IDX system to several of our clients, to see if he’d be interested in submitting hit data from their system to the Listing Activity Report.  Justin was gracious to respond to the request and put a developer on the project, which took just a few hours, and so our Listing Activity Report is now showing view activity data from the Diverse Solutions IDX system as shown in the report sample below (note that the activity data for Diverse is lower just because they just started sending in the data).

Though Justin and Diverse Solutions are a competitor of ours in the IDX world, we believe the listing agents and sellers will benefit from having this data available to them directly through the MLS system.  We’re also hopeful other companies will provide hit data so they, too, can be included on this report.  We think it will benefit them to be on the report and, most importantly, it will benefit the listing agents and sellers, because they’ll have more information about how their listing is faring on the web. 

We’ll be contacting other companies to see if they’re interested in participating but please let us know if you’re interested in getting your listing view information on the listing activity report, and we’ll get you set up!

Lastly, if you’re an MLS, we encourage you to ask any of vendors receiving your listing data to participate in this program so that your members have easy access to the listing activity data right through the MLS system.

17 Responses to “Where and how often is your listing being viewed?”

  1. David Harris says:

    Great stuff Michael. This was one of the business cases mentioned several times to the RESO Research & Development workgroup. I am so glad FBS has developed this innovation under their RETS offerings, and would love your team’s input and contributions to making this a part of the standard.

    If you have a chance, have someone participate in the RESO R&D session next week at Midyear on Wednesday, May 13th at 1pm (http://www.realtor.org/educsess.nsf/allpages/10myGovRETSCertmtg) and share this development.

    One question, will the aggregate activity counts be available via the API as well? As a possible reciprocal relationship, I post my counts, and can pull everyone else’s?


  2. David, yes, we’ll share the hit data from flexmls in cooperation with our customers. From discussions with Justin, he’s also cool with sharing and hopefully others will be as well.

  3. Craig Mische says:

    Love the listing activity report Michael. Do you think it would be possible to rec’v more specific data such as views of photos, photos, disclosures, etc.?

  4. mwurzer says:

    It’s possible but I’m not sure exactly how to present such numbers. Aggregate number of photos viewed for the listing? Or counts per photo? Is that practical?

  5. Michael, we’d be interested in setting up the API to add our IDX info. Whom should we contact? Thanks much. This is a feature everyone has been looking for and your cooperation with ‘competition’ is admirable.

  6. Craig Mische says:

    Aggregate numbers probably wouldn’t be useful and counts per photo might present some helpful insight. In general, what I am looking for is an ‘average time viewing’ for a listing.

  7. mwurzer says:

    Ken, I’ve sent you an email.

    Craig, we’ll look into adding a “time on listing” metric.

  8. Jason Powell says:

    Michael, I’m on ARMLS and I can’t seem to find this report you are talking about. Is it part of our MLS system?

  9. mwurzer says:

    Jason, the report is available for any listing for which you are the listing agent, either in the change listing module or under the options drop down next to the list number in search results.

  10. Doug C says:

    I am a member of AMPILos cabos MLS. can’t find what you are telling jason about on the activity report. I see no drop down or options next to the listing number on the List view.

  11. mwurzer says:

    We’re you looking at your own listing? The report is only available to the listing agent.

  12. Doug C says:

    Yes, I was looking at my own listings.

    By now, I have finally spotted the small black down arrow- next to the “listing number” that is highlighted in blue.

  13. Michael J says:

    Why not just provide a url for each agent (i.e: flexmls.com/city.agentname) and simply include Google Analytics? You’d instantly have the ability to track each sub directory, based on the individual, while retaining confidentiality and competitive edge as opposed to reciprocally sharing listing hit (unique/return) data.
    I’m not sure that about the need to reinvent the wheel when there’s a ready available solution that just requires some architectural changes and, is free of charge.

  14. DebR says:

    Is there a possibility that you could also include tracking information for ListHub type syndication listing displays; Trulia, Yahoo, etc.?

  15. mwurzer says:

    Yes, definitely. I’ve reached out to Listhub to see if they’re interested and they’re looking at it now.

  16. Where is this listig activity report? I’ve necer seen it but it sounds as though I would be interested in it.

  17. mwurzer says:

    Vinda, the report is available for any listing for which you are the listing agent, either in the change listing module or under the options drop down next to the list number in search results.