What’s your business?

Jun 13, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

toiletWhy is the Internet access at conference hotels so bad? It doesn’t seem to matter where I go for business meetings, if a large or even medium or small group is involved, the Internet access is terrible. I’ve been to many RETS meetings where the network just withers as people try to log on. FBS’s Software Development Group is meeting this week at Madden’s Resort in Minnesota that caters to business events like ours, and the Internet service is completely in the toilet. Isn’t this supposed to be the specialty of these businesses? They specifically market to businesses for group events. Why can’t they do a better job at what should be a core competency? Is it that they don’t consider it a revenue center, so they just blow it off? Or is it possible that they don’t consider this a core competency?  Unbelievable.

6 Responses to “What’s your business?”

  1. Most likely more like: no one there has any idea that the Internet access is even bad, or what to do about it.

    I know many — if not most — use a 3rd-party service (Golden Tree, anyone?) and have no clue what’s actually going on in their hotel.


  2. Jason Moser says:

    FBS has a private plane, developers meet at a golf course/resort….if these great perks keep popping up I might have to just show up to FBS headquarters and find an empty desk and try to blend in!

    Regarding the post – I agree that hotel and conference center internet is terrible. Thank goodness I can tether my PPC to my laptop and have good ole reliable dial-up through a cell carrier available…..so yeah if I rely more on my cell phone for internet than “free high speed wifi” at conference centers, thats not good.

    To be honest, if I were at that resort I probably never would have noticed the crappy internet while I was out golfing. 🙂

  3. Matt Cohen says:

    I’m done with being dependent on hotels for Internet service. Between the high cost for what is received and the insecurity, its my last choice even if it is available and fast (which is altogether too rare).

    Last year I got a PC-card that gives me Internet via cellular technology for less than 80 dollars a month. Not only is it less expensive than paying for Internet at hotels (with the amount that I travel) but I can also use it on taxi rides, in airports, while someone else is driving the car…productivity is UP!

  4. Robbie says:

    I went the T-mobile route in the past, and although the hot spots are nice, the GPRS cellular modem just didn’t cut it when I wasn’t at Borders or Starbucks. I currently have a Sprint EVDO card. It’s fast enough for web surfing and sling boxing and I’m much happier. I can’t wait until ClearWire’s network expands to be competitive with the cell phone companies.

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  6. Kevin Boer says:

    Ibahn was the wifi provider at the January Inman in NYC, and it was pretty awful. I blogged about it…and within a few hours had their customer support people emailing and calling me about it. They promptly fixed the problem, and I gave them kudos on my site.

    Google Alerts: the new way of dealing with customer complaints!