That’s a lot of traffic!

Jun 19, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer reports that their public web site handled 1 billion “hits” in March.  I wonder if that’s page views, web server hits, or something else?  Regardless, that’s a lot of traffic and is a signal to brokers everywhere that MLS portals have potential.

5 Responses to “That’s a lot of traffic!”

  1. Jason Moser says:

    1 billion hits? That hardly seems legit. 🙂 It always seems everyone but marketing folks know “website hits” are worst metric to base your website performance on!

  2. Kevin Boer says:

    Since the Houston MLS presumably has some Realtor influence, could it have made the classic “oops, I put the decimal point in the wrong place” mistake? You know, the one that magically transforms a $750,000 listing into a $75,000 one, or vice versa.

  3. Matt Cohen says:

    General HAR webstats are open to public view here:

  4. Matt Cohen says:

    Here are some more meaningful numbers from HAR – March 2007:

    Page Views
    Visitor Sessions
    Unique Visitors
    Avg. Visit Time on Site
    00:08:41 Minutes
    Total Visit Time
    35,383,504 Minutes
    Times Listings Viewed
    11,328,772 Detail Pages
    Average Homes Viewed
    12 Detail Pages

    I find the growth trend over the past few years more interesting than any specific month.

  5. Thanks, Matt. I should have looked at the site myself. 😮 The 112 million page views makes more sense. That’s still a significant amount of traffic for one MLS, but a billion would have been something else altogether! 🙂