RESO Board of Directors

Nov 26, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

I’m pleased to report that both Jaison Freed and I have been elected to the Board of Directors for the being-formed Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), which will oversee the Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS).  Jaison and I extend our congratulations to the other directors and look forward to working with everyone over the next one to two years to continue the excellent progress being made with the real estate  standards.  The full board, absent the to-be-hired Executive Officer, is:


Sergio DelRio (T4Bi)
Jaison Freed (FBS)
Paul Hethmon (Clareity Security)
Dan Mills (MarketLinx)
Dan Woolley (eNeighborhoods/Dominion)


Kristen Carr (RMLS FL)
David Harris (First MLS)
Chip McAvoy (First American)
Gregg Petch (MRIS)
Michael Wurzer (FBS)

8 Responses to “RESO Board of Directors”

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Congrats Michael and Jaison. Well deserved and I know you will do a fabulous job.

    Just don’t let it slow anything down with the Phoenix implementation… 🙂

  2. Robert Luna says:

    Congratulations, the right guy’s for the job and in good company.

  3. Well done Mike. RETS is in good hands with you all on board!

  4. Matt Cohen says:

    Congrats to you both!

  5. Candy Lynn says:

    Congrats to both of you! And yet another reason why Lexington Buena Vista Rockbridge Association of Realtors is glad to be a part of the FBS family!
    We love Flex!

  6. Candy Lynn says:

    I also note that FBS is the only company with 2 seats on the BOD!

  7. Thanks, Candy! Regarding our being the only company with two representatives, Marketlinx and First American are owned by the same company, so they really are one for all practical purposes. Also, T4Bi and MRIS work very closely together as well. So, the balance really is between technical and business perspectives and that’s why Jaison and I both being on the Board makes sense, as we bring very different perspectives to the process, and that’s true of the others as well.

  8. […] new RESO Board had its first in-person meeting yesterday for about five hours, and worked on defining priorities […]