Pre-RETS Reading List

Aug 6, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

Here’s what I’m reading before the RETS conference this week:

The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented The Constitution, by David O. Stewart.

Code v2, by Lawrence Lessig.

Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman.

3 Responses to “Pre-RETS Reading List”

  1. Paul Stusiak says:

    Lucky you. Maybe I’ll post my post-RETS reading instead.


    RETS2 Service Document (again – yada thought I’d have it memorized by now…)
    RESO Policy and Procedures Revision 1.0
    How to Win Friends and Influence People (just kidding – already read it; apparently nothing stuck)
    Roberts Rules of Order (again – same as above…)
    RETS2 MLS Schema set
    RETS 1 Technical Review Errata (please elbow Jaison in the ribs on your flight. He did a great job of getting this together. Which means I have to read it.)

    Post-RETS, I’m hoping to have something less focused.
    Hey – maybe I should get you to read these documents too! (also just kidding, you’re pretty good at being prepared.)

  2. Only “pretty good”? 😉

  3. Paul Stusiak says:

    Looking for better performance all the time… Maybe you can submit a book review. 🙂