Polls: Best Names for Tabs

Feb 29, 2008  |  Michael Wurzer

media_tabIn my last post, I highlighted a virtual tour on one of the listings in our system. Now, let me draw your attention to the fact that the virtual tour is located on what we call the Media tab. The term media was chosen because: (1) the tab can host photos, videos and virtual tours; and (2) we thought multi-media was too long. Since the release, however, we’ve received feedback that users are having a hard time finding the photos, i.e., they don’t immediately recognize Media as the place to click for photos. Because photos are the primary content (we still only have a few innovators linking video), we’re considering renaming the tab Photos. What do you think would be the best name?

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We also have a tab called Grid, which contains a row/column (spreadsheet) view of the listings.


This tab also has produced feedback that the word Grid is confusing to users, some thinking it’s a map, others a graph, and others simply not knowing. So, we’re considering changing the Grid tab to be called List or Results or something else. What do you think would be best?

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Thanks for participating in the polls and for any comments you have.

44 Responses to “Polls: Best Names for Tabs”

  1. Jason Moser says:

    We have problems like this all the time too. Once people get used to it, it shouldn’t be a problem. I like the tab names – nice, short and accurate. Maybe a “question mark” pop-up explaining the tabs or the contents would help.

  2. I just talked to a client about this and showed him the previous post and he really liked what he saw, the one suggestion that he had and one that I agree with, on the detail page, the photo should be a click through to the current media page. You can call it photos and if virtual/video is availible, it will be there.

  3. Michael – we use Flex hourly (our entire team does) and I LIKE the tab called media. It makes perfect sense. It just takes some people time to ‘get used to changes’, no matter how good those changes may be. The grid tab however, you are right, it’s not intuitive, although I am getting used to it. I opted for ‘results’ or ‘search results’.

  4. Cathy Bittlingmeyer says:

    I agree with Christina – Change is hard for some people. I think as long as you keep people informed ahead of time of the change and what they are going to be, they will have time to process it and ease into the change. Nobody likes “surprises” unless it’s winning the Lotto!!

  5. Patricia Thomas says:

    The old Hot Sheet was much easier to read. The current hot sheet has very small print. All new thing are confusing, and have made e-mailing pictures more difficult.

  6. Pam McGovern says:

    I agree with changing the Media tab to Photos.

  7. Laquida says:

    Get it right and leave it alone please.

  8. The main reason I don’t agree going back to ‘photos’ is because that is more confusing to me – especially since it’s about more media than just photos – it includes virtual tours, embedded videos and photos. As we progress more and more into this media world, the word media makes a lot more intuitive sense.

  9. Michael,
    Thank you to FBS for always working to make flexmls more user-friendly.

    A short explaination when hovering on the button is a great idea. The best of both worlds, it leave the bottons the same, but allows those use flexmls less frequently to learn what those terms mean.

  10. Konstantin Reznik says:

    I think Media is intuitive enough, what else can you call a tab that contains photos, virtual tours and videos. In the future it might quite possible contain audio descriptions, floor plans, flash etc. it’s best to keep the tab’s generic name – Media. With regard to the ‘Grid’, as a former software engineer I could easily relate to the meaning of the tab, but I do believe general public is confused by the name. ‘Results’ or ‘List’ would be more appropriate.

  11. As far as the media tab is concerned I’d really like to see the old “glasses” icon on the grid page next to the listing. Eveyone knew what this meant and it was very easy to find. One click and you were looking at the virtual tour. The way it’s set up now is too difficult for the consumer to find the tab and they don’t know what “media” stands for. We need to keep the consumer in mind. For us agents who are used to working with the system it really doesn’t matter what we call it. We need to keep it user friendly and simple for the homebuyer who is receiving these listings via email.

  12. Bob Manwaring says:

    It’s fine the way it is!

  13. Nancy Line says:

    leave it like it is……..we’re use to it now and it makes sense………

  14. Jeff Savage says:

    Sometimes we get feedback from the people who don’t like something, but don’t hear from the people who do (feedback that users are having a hard time finding the photos).

    I hope the people who like the tabs names take the time to give you some positive feedback to help you in your decision making process.

    When thinking about how the public (non-Realtors) relates to the tabs, I voted for “list” because they can relate to a list of homes, rather than “grid”.

  15. All software modifications should take the ultimate beneficiary’s (i.e. buyer) level of sophistication into more consideration than that of brokers. We should be more focused on those ultimate end users from a user friendly perspective.

  16. Elaine Head says:

    I think the tab should be “Photos”. This is the first thing people are looking for after they pull up the listing. Other options could be a choice list when they click on this button.

  17. Sara says:

    I like the idea of changing ‘media’ to ‘photos’… but I LOVE the idea of making the main photo open up to the ‘media’ section if you click on it… I really think that would be great!

  18. Renea Snyder says:

    Its our clients that are confused where to click for photos. Of course agents have figured it out and certainly are used to this change by now. I think changing the name to photos makes perfect sense. Thank you for considering this!

  19. Raymond Eller says:

    You have a great product—because you care. Your
    imput from the users has been good—–we sell Real Estate,
    you are the TECH (genius)–the product we have is the best.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ray Eller

  20. Raymond Eller says:


  21. Our team uses the media all the time….we LOVE it….LEAVE it as is please.
    Thank you for continuing to brainstorm, improve, and ask for input.
    We appreciate you.

  22. Anita Bates says:

    It’s more a matter of education than anything. People just need to spend time learning the system. Once they work with it a few times and get used to finding things, it’s easy.

    “Let it be”!

  23. Michelle says:

    We have to remember what the general public needs to see. Not what we want. I find myself always expaining where the photos are when I email a listing. Of course I could always send the listing in a different format so that the pictures are displayed first.

    Thanks for asking us for input. You’re Awesome!!

  24. Raymond Eller says:

    No more comments

  25. Sorin Udrea says:

    The incoming realtor.com beta website has a similar search results interface. In my opinion they have come with the best tab names possible: List, Map and Gallery.

    Visit this link: http://beta.realtor.com/search/searchresults.aspx?loc=denver%2c+co&typ=7

    Moreover, it is to be expected that realtors will get more and more acquainted with these terms, once the new realtor.com website goes live…

  26. Mike Devitt says:

    Use a combination-photos/media–it satifies all of the criteria.

  27. Mark Bear says:

    First, the system is great and I rely on it tremendously. Improvements are always welcome when it can enhance my business. Second, customers/clients don’t want to go through a tutorial process to view my manual & auto-emails of listings. The word “media” can encompass a lot of meanings. “Photos” is direct and to the point, getting the customer where they need to be to see what a property looks like. I think many users look at photos before they even read the data.

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Deborah says:

    I strongly feel that it should be changed to Photos as that is what buyers/sellers are looking for. I am constantly explaining in my e-mails to buyers/sellers to “select the Media tab for photos, virtual tours, etc”. Personally, I like the word Media or even better Multi-Media but I feel that the majority of buyers/sellers are instinctively looking for Photos.

  29. Robie says:

    Photo/Media,it doesn’t matter. I think everyone should be use to it by now.If they change it again it will all be new,again.

  30. Christa says:

    Life is about change. Change is the spice of life! Just takes a little getting used to.

  31. Michelle Sandmaier says:


    The flexmls is great – it offers so much to our agents.
    I like the idea of leaving Media as is, our members are fairly new to flexmls and our agents are just getting used to your tabs. Media can cover a range of things, so I think it makes good sense to leave it as is.

    I think Grid works fine, our members are familiar with GRID now. Of greater concern to our members is the Edit Search tab -if this one was bigger/bolder they would be less likely to hit the back button by accident. Thank you for taking the time to collect the feedback from our agents.

  32. Sue says:

    Other substitutes: preview, review, view, or have an icon of a camera for the word media!

  33. David L Shade says:

    In grid form, the most important information is crammed in the left side of the screen in about 2″. Price, address,status, MLS# are too hard to read. You then use 8″ of screen to list number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and year built. This information could be put in narrow columns – 6 digits wide leaving more space on the page to spread out the information used to sort through.
    A caller asks about a listing on Main St. I already know it is our office listing. I search – office listings – and scroll down the results looking for main st. It would be nice if the information on the left side was spread out to make searching for the main st listing easier.

  34. I think that Tours would be a good name for the media tab. It is more than photos…it can contain a photo tour, a video tour and/or a virtual tour.

  35. Thank you for working with us to make it more user friendly. We should do more voting…I love that.

  36. Someone once asked me how I could afford to attend all the education classes I went to (some required, some not) and I replied that, “I can’t afford not to”. In other words, I cannot afford ignorance. Anyone in real estate today needs to keep up with the times, the tools, & the laws! So why would MLS and the terms used be any different? We use computers every day all day long and most of these terms are interchangeable. Yes, sometimes it makes more sense to use a more user friendly term, but we all know what “media” means and the word “grid” as well. (If we don’t know, then we better pick up a dictionary and look it up or learn it). However, I do think it is a stretch to put “financing” under “location or legal.” (But now that I know it, don’t change it!

  37. John says:

    I agree with your changes……

  38. Debbie Saar says:

    As far as the “Media” tab goes, That is what it is called on other websites too. Why change the term when it’s right. People that don’t know it are not exposed to the internet and websites that much, and when they do have to do it they are unsure. They catch on, give them some time!

  39. Valerie Bruns says:

    I like media, covers a broad range. Images would work too.
    Yes, all agents should be used to “grid” by now, however results is a much better word.

  40. Chuck Booher says:

    Leave the tabs as they are. After you use them a few times you know what they mean.

  41. Lamar Farmer says:

    Photos/Tour seems to me would be a good description of what it will contain, photos and tours and it should be understood by all.

    Basic Details instead of grid certainly is more descriptive of what is there which is the basic information of each listing.

  42. Thanks so much for all of your input, we really appreciate it!

    The poll results indicate that changing the tabs to Photos and List would be best. At the same time, we understand and will consider the comments from those who want the names left the same. We certainly do not want to be changing the names frequently or for no good reason, and we understand that current users are now accustomed to the names. On the other hand, the feedback that led us to the poll was that e-mail recipients weren’t understanding the names, because they don’t use the system all the time. So, we want to try to make the names easy for them grasp quickly.

    I also want to respond to a couple of specific questions or concerns some of you had.

    David Shade — Each user can customize the list view to have the columns you want. So, if you would like different columns, you can edit the view and add them. Also, to make the columns narrower, you can edit the column headers to have a shorter label (assuming the content is shorter, too, as would be true for bedrooms and bathrooms as you mention). To edit a view, click on the link “View” next to the drop down in the upper right corner of the list/grid/spreadsheet. Also, if you have questions on this, our support team (888-525-4747) would be happy to help.

    Patricia Thomas — You can increase the font size on the list view by click on the + sign next to the view selector in the upper right corner of the list.

    Thanks again to everyone for your feedback.

  43. Media: I have figured out all the tabs and they are somewhat intuitive. I have enjoyed the media tab and have let buyers know to hit media to see the pictures but there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    Grid: the word has a connotation of lines going both ways so Results may be a better word.

    Thanks for asking. You do a great job. We love flex.

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