My Most Used Sites

Jan 5, 2009  |  Michael Wurzer

There’s a self-inflicted meme going around about the web sites you use most.  I like this idea, so here are my favorites/most used, in no particular order:

  • Self-hosted Confluence by Atlassian — This is our intranet at FBS and where I spend most of my time on a daily basis.
  • Self-hosted Jira by Atlassian — Our issue tracker, which I engage with mostly through Atlassian’s very cool email commenting function.
  • Cacti — which we use to track performance metrics for our flexmls Web system.
  • flexmls Web — this is the app we develop, and I spend quite a bit of time there every day.
  • NetSuite — Gotta keep track of those financials!
  • WordPress — The software that runs the FBS Blog.
  • Gmail and Apple Mail.
  • Google Reader.
  • Twitter and Twitpic.
  • Monster — This has only been recently as we’re looking for some new hires.

I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn enough to warrant putting them on the list.  I also could mention my Blackberry Pearl as a tool, but that’s sort of like saying oxygen is a tool.  What are your most used sites?

6 Responses to “My Most Used Sites”

  1. Ben Wong says:

    We use Jira/Confluence internally at Sutton Group for the IT department. I don’t know what we would do without it… it has become so essential to our daily workflows.

    We have it hosted however. We used to have it self-hosted, but went with Jira Studio.

    I don’t like Monster. I found all my staff through Craigslist and they’ve been there for years now. 🙂

  2. Greetings,
    Didn’t expect to see Cactii there but glad to see it! I thought we were the only RE house to see a need for it! Currently it is a bit on the fritz due to some network topology changes, but one day in 09 it will be fixed.

    @Ben Wong I like craigslist as well, when I hired I didn’t even bother with monster or careerbuilder or any of the sort.

    Who are you looking to hire?

  3. We’re looking to add a network sysadmin to our hosting team and a VP of Sales for our MLS and Broker/Agent Services sales teams (though I’m hoping we already have the latter filled). I’ve never tried Craigslist for jobs (because we’re located in North Dakota), but I’ll check it out; thanks for the tip.

  4. @Steve Krzysiak — I also should mention that I take the most important cacti graphs and snapshot them with Safari and place them on my dashboard. So, I can quickly check the vitals at any time of the day. It’s the best use of the dashboard for me and highly recommend it (if you’re a Mac user).

  5. Ben Wong says:

    @Steve – not really looking to add anybody to my perm. tech team right now, but in the past I found my programmers and my sys-admins through there. You get dozens of resumes (at least here in Vancouver), but we usually find one or two good candidates.

    What are you using Cacti to generates stats for? I’m evaluating network monitoring apps right now… getting further away from hacking open source solutions. 🙂

  6. Great question. The web sites I use the most, maybe not in order, but how they come to my mind:
    1) – I have started to use this more and do status of real estate listings and open houses. I am still not into the Twitter thing yet. I would love to go through a tutorial on it
    2) – I track over 40 various blogs on this, including yours Michael!
    3) – Gives me my personal email and some news, but I have figured out how to add the news feature to my reader account so is losing its relevance for me
    4) – need it
    5) – sports nut
    6) – hot sheet, of course, and to create CMA’s
    7) – every time someone says “I am trying to find one of these ‘things'”, (or I say that to myself) I jump on ebay to see if it is available. Found my dad a key remote for his car recently
    8) – personal blog
    9) – my real estate blog