Jan 21, 2008  |  Michael Wurzer

Every so often I get an e-mail from the MLSInformation group hosted by Internet Crusade. Lately, it feels like the bias of the editors is getting a bit much, especially when the affiliations aren’t disclosed clearly. Here’s part of an e-mail I received today:

Doris Bennett asks:

Does anyone know of any web programmers who know how to create XML feeds. Creating an XML feed involves building a script that automatically creates a file for your company’s listings. Our MLS cannot provide this for the source we need.


Rather than speaking with web programmers, why dont you talk to the folks at Point2Agent? P2A is syndicating real estate listing content to numerous real estate web portals and they probably have a good handle on this. That will also give you the opportunity to broaden your brokers marketing reach substantially. Forward thinking MLSs are taking this route. Look at Houston, for goodness sake! Why there is not a MAD RUSH to use this technology astounds me!

The change in seasons was evident at the NAR meeting in Las Vegas:


Warmest regards,
Frances Flynn Thorsen, e-PRO, SRS, ACREâ„¢, Certified e-PRO Trainer
Managing Editor

I think this editor should have disclosed that her boss, Saul Klein, is now the CEO of Point2 Agent, the company she is advocating. I know that Saul announced this himself to the MLSinformation community a few weeks ago, but I still think these kinds of promotions should always be qualified when presented in a community forum seeking less biased advice.

From writing the FBS Blog (which is a vendor blog subject to my own biases) over the last nine months or so, I know that drawing the line between advertising and information is difficult. At the same time, posts like the one above seem not to care about such distinctions at all but rather seem intent on blurring the line completely, which makes it seem more like disinformation than MLSInformation.

7 Responses to “MLSInformation?”

  1. John T says:

    Getting someone to submit an xml feed is one thing. Getting them to submit the right information is another. I find some of my submissions to googlebase being rejected because they have already been submitted by remax. I have the same problem with a foreclosure company. When I call those companies I would be lucky to find any one who knows what xml or a feed is.

    The point being that google base or any other place that accepts real estate listing feeds is not the mls. There are lots of sloppy things going on out there. I suspect the places that put these feeds together have figured out how to submit a feed and get money for doing it, but they fall short on submitting the right stuff.

    I will never worry about another agent submitting my listing to MLS.

  2. Ben Martin says:

    Full disclosure is one of the cornerstones of the social web. Frances has been doing this a long time and seems to have a lot of credibility in the I’ll be curious to hear her response.

  3. ron stephan says:

    I agree that full disclosure should be made…while many websites make it easy to post listing data they make no effort whatsoever to be sure that it is accurate, current and even truthful. We just had an incident where a listing was posted on a website list for rent by someone who was not an agent and not the owner…it was a scam to collect a $900 deposit. The owner had to wait all weekend to get the false listing removed. listings are often posted but never removed (another website)……..I think broker’s run the risk of loosing a license or at a minimum being fined if websites refuse to audit the data they are presenting. I’m not saying this is the case here but I think it devalues the various “talks” …certainly Internet Crusade is free to make money any way they want but….maybe I don’t understand the purpose of the “talks” that have been part of my mailbox for sometime now?

  4. Jim Duncan says:

    Unfortunately, the lack of response speaks volumes.

  5. Yeah, I was pretty surprised myself that there was no response, especially after Dustin highlighted the post on The IC folks may not read the FBS Blog but my guess is they read Dustin. Oh, well.

  6. Russell Shaw says:

    Michael, this may be a totally wrong place to ask this question – so I apologize in advance. There is a company that has something called Broker Metrics. I am thinking of subscribing to it and wanted to know if FlexMLS would be compatible or if FlexMLS already had something comparable running in the first place?

    Please feel free to place this question (and answer) in the appropriate forum.


  7. I thought, based on looking at ICs website over the past several years, that their techniology was from the 1990’s anyway… Everything including e-pro is so outdated it’s absurd..