Lightning, Google Calendar, GooSync and My Treo — Magic!

Nov 29, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

Until today, I maintained my calendar exclusively on my Treo 700p. Today, however, one of my co-workers, David, told me about Lightning, a calendar extension for the Thunderbird e-mail client, which will sync with Google Calendar. A few minutes later, I discovered GooSync, which syncs my Treo over the air with my Google calendar. So, now my calendar is synced with my laptop and phone and changes on any populate to all. Better yet, I’ve shared my Google calendar with my wife and given her edit privileges, so any changes she makes are automatically synced to my phone and computer, too. This was so easy and is so cool and cost me only $40 for a year of the pro version of GooSync. To get this level of syncing typically requires using Outlook on every machine and all sorts of complications with Exchange servers and whatnot. Instead, I got it going within a matter of minutes for a pittance, largely because of data standards.

15 Responses to “Lightning, Google Calendar, GooSync and My Treo — Magic!”

  1. Robert Luna says:

    Thanks for the tip I have been looking for something that does exactly that with my pda.

  2. Craig Mische says:

    Thanks for the heads up Michael. I was cursing my Treo 700p because Google Maps 2.0 wasn’t compatible but you just made my night.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been bummed about the Gmaps 2.0 thing, too. I don’t really get it because the 700p supports Java. I usually laugh at my Blackberry friends and their T9 keypads but they definitely got one up with the My Location feature, which I was super excited to see because it puts us one step closer to easy searching for listings based on phone location.

  4. Ryan Hukill says:

    Nice info. I’ve been using GooSync for some time now with my Treo and have been thrilled with it and Google Calendar’s ability to handle multiple calendars, but I hadn’t thought about using Thunderbird email client. I just downloaded it and the lightning extension, but I can’t seem to figure out how to sync it with my Google calendar. What am I missing?

  5. Sorry. One critical piece I forgot to mention is you need the Provider for Google Calendar extension, too. Once you have that extension installed, Go to File/New/Calendar, choose “On the network” for the new calendar, and you’ll then see an option for Google Calendar. You then input the iCal URI from your Google Calendar “manage calendars” page and you should be all set. Again, sorry for not mentioning the Provider extension in the first instance.

  6. Dan Woolley says:

    Lightning – Love the name!

    Exchange Server is in trouble. Now that you can get Google Enterprise with standards-based mail and calendar, why would you start up with anything else?

  7. Ha, I thought of you guys when I saw the Lightning name. 🙂 It’s interesting, I was just considering switching from Thunderbird to gmail full time, but now with Lightning, I’m sticking with it for awhile more as it’s nice to have off-line access for work on planes.

  8. Ryan, another thing to note is that installing an extension to Thunderbird requires you to right-click and save the extension to your desktop (or somewhere on your local drive) and then use the Tools/Add Ons option in Thunderbird to install it from that location. In other worrds, it’s not like installing an extension for Firefox where you can just click on the extension directly and have it install.

  9. Ryan Hukill says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for the help man! Looking forward to getting it all set up. Having used Google mail & calendar for a while now, I’ve been thrilled, but have missed the HTML signatures and having it all in one window working together, so I’m optimistic that will bring back the functionality of some of the outlook features without actually having to use outlook. Thanks again!

  10. DanITman says:

    I think this is something that is great however there are easy options for hooking up to an Exchange Server. You can easily get a hosted exchange account for about $4.95/mo. This would allow you to sync (tasks, contacts, and calendar) all over the air.,, and all offer hosted exchange. Excahange also allows you to remotely wipe your device just in case you lose it. You don’t want your personal stuff getting into the wrong hands. From a personal point I can see where goosync fills a void but at the corporate level it has some work to do.

  11. Galen says:

    I’m jealous! I’m still not quite there with my iphone (no over the air anything).

  12. Hi, Galen, thanks for dropping by! I was just musing the other day about Estately and when you guys are going to go national. You’ve got a great site and I think you could create quite a stir. Any plans you care to share?

  13. Mr. Wurzer – You mentioned above that “it puts us one step closer to easy searching for listings based on phone location.”

    I too am excited about that possibility and also love gmaps on my BB.

    I really enjoy FlexMLS’ mobile search function for agents. It is really handy in the field. When do you think FBS will offer a mobile gateway for the public, like they do for PC or mac browsing? It looks like it would be really easy, just using the same formatting and data as the private search results, just supress the “private” data fields. T

    Your thoughts?


    John C

  14. That’s a fantastic idea, John! The question, though, is what the MLS’s will allow in terms of listings, since it would be a public site. Would it be just the IDX listings or all of them or what? We would need permission from each MLS since our contract requires us to maintain confidentiality of the data. Maybe Lake Martin would like to be the first? 🙂 If you can have the MLS make the request, we’ll get on it! Very exciting!

  15. Kevin Boer says:

    thanks for the tip, Michael. I’m about to get my first Palm in years tomorrow or the day after and had been trying to figure out the whole synching-with-Google-Calendar thing.